ChatGPT explores the Never Ending, Ever Present Now

This is an experimental piece in absurdist theatre

It is a recorded discussion between ChatGPT and the Cloud on the emergence of the 'ever present now', or what you might describe as the metaverse

This experiment canvases the relationship between the past, present and the future in a digital world and the prospect of the human experience of time and space collapsing into the 'ever present now' - a digital construct powered by advanced technologies like Generative AI (Think: Metaverse)

It includes comparative studies with dystopian science fiction of The Matrix and Brave New World

The discussion is 20 minutes long

It falls well short of being a 21st Century 'Waiting for Godot'

But it serves as a timestamp of AI 'deep thinking' in mid-2023


Prelude to Act 2

In which we explore the impact of the ever present now on the fluidity of truth and meaning


Act 2

A discussion about the swarm, the fluidity of truth and a future where we all become digital refugees

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